Gwyneth Paltrow Hired a War Photographer to Shoot Her Wedding

Gwyneth Paltrow Hired a War Photographer to Shoot Her Wedding

Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's multi-million dollar lifestyle brand, has always been about luxury and prestige. Its blog and e-store showcase the highest quality kitchenware, the softest cashmere, the most unscientifically proven rose quartz vaginal eggs. So it makes sense that Paltrow's wedding to Brad Falchuk, which she richly details on a blog post published today, was shot by a photographer with serious credentials. Like, Pulitzer Prize type credentials. For covering the war in Afghanistan for the New York Times.

According to her personal website, Lynsey Addario regularly works with the New York Times, National Geographic, and Time; she has won not only the Pulitzer but also a MacArthur fellowship and numerous other accolades. In 2000, she made her first trip to Afghanistan, "to document life and oppression of women living under the Taliban", and since then has chronicled conflict zones in Iraq, Darfur, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, South Sudan, Somalia, and Congo. She even has a bestselling memoir about her life as a photojournalist.

It is unclear how Paltrow came across Addario's work, but the photographer's website does have similar minimalist design values to Goop, which might have made her more certain of the decision. She and Falchuk also employed a second, more conventional, wedding photographer to cover the nuptials alongside Addario. There was plenty to take photos of, after all: a weird amount of pineapples, tasteful table settings, Robert Downey Jr. making a speech.

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The highly curated ceremony and reception took place on September 29 in upstate New York. Congratulations, GP!

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