Gunna Is Making Big Moves

Gunna Is Making Big Moves

By Andrew NguyenJun 05, 2024

Gunna just added another title to his resume: fashion designer. Today, boohooMAN is launching its first-ever premium brand with the rapper, called "P by Gunna."

For those who aren't familiar, Gunna first became widely known after he released his third mixtape Drip Season 3, and his song "Fukumean" was the most streamed rap single last year. It's safe to say that the four-time Grammy-nominated artist has become a pillar of modern hip-hop music culture.

Clearly, Gunna isn't just aiming high in the music industry. His collection with boohooMAN includes a whopping 92 pieces, as sort of a brand within a brand that the retailer calls a "sub-brand." "P by Gunna" was made to be inclusive: it's unisex, comes in a wide range of sizes from XS to 3XL and can be worn in any occasion. All the pieces draw inspiration from the rapper's everyday wardrobe — a mixture of cropped graphic tees, boxy fit jackets, jerseys, knitwear, tracksuits and oversized denim inspired by washed athleisure and '70s silhouettes.

Samir Kamani, CEO of boohooMAN, says that Gunna was flowing with ideas from the very beginning to the very end of the design process. "He was specific and committed," Kamani tells PAPER. "He knew exactly what he wanted to create. We were constantly in touch throughout the whole 9-month process making sure every detail was adhered to, perfecting each piece meticulously to reflect is personal style. We both wanted the look and feel to be authentic and have broad appeal for all genders. From there, our design team worked closely with him to select fabrics and ensure each piece had the 'P by Gunna' flavor."

The offerings are more luxe than the average boohooMAN piece. The "Rockstar Jacket," for instance, is made in a tumbled and textured vegan leather with fabric panelling, appliqués and rubberized badge work. All denim — in straight flare, boot cut, boxy and wide leg fits — was washed with silicone, making it all softer yet heavier. And detailing on buttons has the "P" branding in an antique silver finish. Jerseys and vests in 100-percent cotton also got the silicone wash treatment, then finished with a mix of techniques including acid, pigment and spray-wash for a vintage effect. T-shirts are cut to be boxy, jackets are more sculpted to the body and knitwear is ribbed for an expensive, muscle-y look.

The campaign was shot in Los Angeles, inspired by fashion candid paparazzi-style images with an iconic brand twist. Showcasing the versatile ‘P by Gunna’ collection throughout, the overall look nods to the early-2000s tabloids, playing on gossip culture by catching the artist in deceptively private moments and public day-to-day activities — creating natural yet highly captivating shots.

"I always had a sense of fashion," Gunna tells PAPER. "This is just a stepping stone to show people what I can create on a larger scale. My style is 'one of wun.' It's not like no other. I dare to be different, and that's what I did with the clothes too. This is an all-purpose brand and an all-purpose collection. And a percentage of the sales goes to my nonprofit organization [Gunna's Great Giveaway]. That was one of the reasons why I really wanted to do it too, because I'm able to create and give back at the same time."

The collection is available today at

Photos courtesy of boohooMAN