Grimes Has a Lightsaber

Grimes Has a Lightsaber

As anyone that's followed Grimes over the past few years knows, the synth pop artist has fascination with swords. From her most recent Met Gala look to that crazy exercise regimen she outlined back in 2019, swords have been a consistent motif throughout Grimes' work and her latest music video is no exception.

Grimes is back with the music video for her recent single (that's totally about how emotionally unavailable Elon Muck is) "Player of Games." Directed by Anton Tammi, the visual sees Grimes square off against a mysterious armor-clad knight known as the Dark King, played by Andreï Pishchalnikov, as they go toe to toe in a battle of wits and braun.

A cross between Game of Thrones and the climatic fight scene between Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the visual features Grimes' usual mix of medieval and cyberpunk imagery we've come to expect from the artist, full of castle ruins, chess games and lightsaber battles set to a late-2000s EDM/prog house beat.

Considering the music video is labeled as "Book 1 Chapter 1," it looks like "Player of Games" may just be the start of a new era for Grimes (and if the musical switch-up in the last minute of the visual is any indication, we'll more than likely see a new single some time in the near future).

Watch the official music video for Grimes' "Player of Games" below.

Photo via YouTube