Where did this rumor even come from? You know how Tesla's eccentric CEO Elon Musk and singer Grimes have reportedly split after three years? The internet thinks that, somehow, Noah Centineo had something to do with it.

The source for this seems to have come from the website crazydaysandnights.net, where a "blind" submitted item revealed that a "celebrity CEO" apparently found out that his partner was "hooking up" with "an A-list actor who has a history of not being kind to women."

Within 24 hours of the post, the split was supposedly announced.

Centineo doesn't have a publicly documented history of being mean to women, so how his name got dragged into this is anyone's guess. Seemingly strengthening this potential love triangle is podcaster Michaela Okland, who initially tweeted about a sighting of Grimes and Centineo together "kissing at Olive Garden."

Now, before you flip your shit, Okland has since redacted her claim, implying that her tweet was just a joke. So in actuality, there's no evidence at all that supports this claim to be true.

...But that hasn't stopped social media from running wild with the story.

Grimes hasn't confirmed if the fan fiction is true or not, but the singer did announce that she wants to colonize one of Jupiter's moons, Europa, separately from her ex-hubby and create a "lesbian space commune."

And who knows? Some new music may come out of this split if Azealia Banks has anything to do with it. When news of Grimes and Musk's split broke, Banks tagged Grimes in an Instagram story and asked if they could collaborate now that "apartheid Clyde" is out of the way. The pair had tried to collaborate in 2018 before things turned sour.

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