Grimes and Chelsea Manning Have Broken Up
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Grimes and Chelsea Manning Have Broken Up

Well it was fun while it lasted.

According to a new report from Page Six, Grimes and Chelsea Manning have broken up. A source close to the couple confirmed the news that the two had officially split up with another person saying that the writing had been on the wall for some time, telling the same outlet that they “had been breaking up for a while.”

It had only just been confirmed that the two were dating back in March, along with news that the pop artist and father of her two children, Elon Musk, had broken up. Going from a tech billionaire who makes the lion's share of his business decisions on memes to the trans activist and government whistleblower could have been the possible rebound for the self-professed futurist/Marxist that occasionally hacks indie blogs. Things with Grimes and Manning looked like they were “getting serious. They U-Hauled it. They’ve been living together in Austin.”

It was reported that Manning had, like any responsible adult getting into a new relationship, kept her apartment in Brooklyn just in case. Musk had previously espoused the advantages of living in separate residences from Grimes towards the end of their relationship to Vanity Fair, griping that “I just don’t like things to be messy and anime.”

At the time, Grimes had told Vanity Fair that she would “probably refer to [Musk] as my boyfriend, but we’re very fluid," however, by the time the interview hit stands the two had officially split. “Me and E have broken up *again* since the writing of this article haha, but he’s my best friend and the love of my life, and my life and art are forever dedicated to The Mission now,” Grimes tweeted.

Both Grimes and Manning have yet to publicly comment on the breakup. Manning has historically, and considering what landed her in a military prison in the first place for very good reason, kept her private life away from the public eye, with the exception of her memoir README.txt which is set be released this fall, so odds are we won't hear much further on the matter.

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