A Frida Kahlo Musical Is in the Works

A Frida Kahlo Musical Is in the Works

by Kenna McCafferty

Frida Kahlo is taking on a new art form. A posthumous musical detailing Kahlo’s personal and artistic life will be the subject of a Broadway musical. With music by Mexican composer, Jaime Lozano and lyrics by Obie Award-winning playwright Neena Beber, the musical will cover the ins and outs of Kahlo’s life, art and triumph over adversity.

The musical comes with a sign of approval from the Kahlo family. Universal rights owners of the Frida Kahlo estate represented by Alfonso Durán, BTF Media and theatrical producer Valentina Berger are all on board for the Broadway debut, with a workshop planned for 2023.

In a statement on behalf of the Kahlo family, Mara Romeo shared the importance of the musical in bringing Kahlo’s legacy to the stage. “We are deeply moved that this show will allow audiences around the world to get to know Frida as so much more than just an artist,” Romeo shared. “Full of joy, ahead of her time, and steeped in the culture of Mexico, she was a woman driven by an unending passion for life. I hope that this show inspires women everywhere to have the courage to fight for their dreams.”

The planned musical, aptly titled Frida, The Musical will follow Kahlo’s journey from Mexico City to Paris to New York, and back to her birthplace once more.

This musical is not the first depiction of Kahlo’s illustrious, albeit fraught, career, that has been the subject of documentaries, biopics and Salma Hayek’s 2003 Oscars snub.

With more than 150 works in Kahlo’s oeuvre, the prolific painter’s personal life tells the story of her resilience in the face of injury, illness and her husband’s illicit affairs, but beyond the workings of her inner world, the musical will celebrate her influence that lives on in Mexican art and iconography today.

Producers have described the musical adaptation as “a full-throated celebration of Kahlo’s joyous spirit of creativity and her unmatched gift for transforming physical and emotional pain into breathtaking beauty.”

Though few details have been released, we look forward to seeing her latest transformation take the stage.

Photo via Getty/ KEYSTONE-FRANCE/ Gamma-Rapho