Revisit Fever Ray's 'Plunge' in This Freaky Cool Zine

Revisit Fever Ray's 'Plunge' in This Freaky Cool Zine

Released in 2017, Karin Dreijer's second solo album as Fever Ray, Plunge, marked a watershed moment in the artist's career. A full throated treatise on love, family, transformation, queerness and fucking laid out across abrasive soundscapes and heart-racing club beats, Plunge saw the former half of The Knife at their most direct. From the rallying cry of "Free abortions/ And clean water/ Destroy nuclear/ Destroy boring" on "This Country" to "To the Moon and Back" where Dreijer gleefully shouts "I want to run my fingers up your pussy!"

Now, fans can soon revisit the album's truly wild visual world in the upcoming Plunge Psychics Zine. Put together by Fever Ray and designer Alexey Layfurov, the zine features everything from early concept art, visual references and behind the scenes photos to new lyrics, tour diaries and prose from Hannah Black.

"It's like a time capsule full of crazy images and awkward memories," Layfurov explains. "Fever Ray's second album was so much about finding your fun and embracing it, something which goes through sexual exploration, collectivity and joy. It was about freedom and being free is quite a radical thing. Not everyone can handle it."

From orange muscle suits to Burger ball gags, taped together gimp masks and nightmarish looks that defy description, the zine is more than a primer on the warped world of Fever Ray but, rather, a headfirst dive into the artist's colorful, kinky and unsettling — but wholly unique — imagination. (It would be one hell of a coffee table book, that's for sure.)

"I find it quite exceptional how Plunge managed to be so explicit without being dark, this goes both for music and all the visuals," Layfurov explains. "I witnessed the project unfolding from the very beginning, just when I moved to Stockholm. It was a wild and fun journey and no-one knew where it's gonna take us. I think that's why it felt so special — because it was about being in the moment, being together and not being afraid. And for everyone around Karin it was like going to another planet where we could do weird fun things."

The Plunge Psychics Zine is currently available for pre-order via Rabid Records with your choice of three different covers. Check out an exclusive look inside the zine below:

Photos courtesy of Fever Ray and Alexey Layfurov