Enter False Witness's Psychedelic Rave Trip 'Red Curtain Daybreak'

Enter False Witness's Psychedelic Rave Trip 'Red Curtain Daybreak'

LA-based producer, DJ, and visual artist, Marco Gomez, better known as False Witness, knows a thing or two about living in the moment. "My gut said I had to film something spontaneous," Gomez prefaces as they introduce the video for their latest track, "Red Curtain Daybreak."

"The LA warehouse scene is so drastically different from the Brooklyn nightlife scene I'm used to: it breathed a whole new life and meaning to the track," Gomez explains. "I wanted this video to feel like the track itself: noisy, chaotic, accessible."

A multi-layered technicolor acid trip, "Red Curtain Daybreak" hearkens back to the heyday of 90s warehouse rave where acts like The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, and Underworld reigned supreme. With a caustic bassline cutting through frenetic flurries of industrial drums like a buzzsaw skidding across a pile of steel beams, "Red Curtain Daybreak" is an aggressive techno banger that manages to blossom into something verging on the positively euphoric.

"We had really interesting conversations on the culture of clubbing/raving/however you want to title the experience - of going out and being part of a community or crowd of people sharing a reality together, personal identity and participating in something greater than the 'self,'" one of Gomez's collaborators, director and performance artist Lee Nachum, recounts. "We were interested in abstracting these recordings of a 'night out' to capture the feelings or essence rather than documentation. We sought to capture the internal/personal/psychedelic experience of being around many people and having a shared moment in time, while still having an introspective outlook."

"Creating this video with Miko [Reversa] and Lee felt very natural," Gomez adds. "We bonded almost instantaneously our first year at the Bard MFA program so it made total sense to work with each other now that we're all in LA. I recognized how we share a common language around our political and cultural un/identities and how that influences our work."

A disorienting series of flashing lights and shadowy figures melting into one another, the video reads like a modern-day reinterpretation of Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, albeit through a psychedelic lens. "Red Curtain Daybreak" perfectly captures the sensation of hopping from club to club as the night seems to stretch on into a hedonistic infinity only to be brought back down to reality by the first few rays of sunshine peeking in through the dirty warehouse windows.

Watch the PAPER premiere of the video for False Witness' "Red Curtain Daybreak" below, out now on E-Missions:

Photo Courtesy of False Witness


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