Fai Khadra Is Bringing Sotheby's to a New Generation

Fai Khadra Is Bringing Sotheby's to a New Generation

by Riley Runnells

Sotheby's has presented works from the likes of Andy Warhol, Wolfgang Tillmans and so many more artists. Now, they're teaming up with model, DJ and social media star Fai Khadra for their latest "Contemporary Curated" auction. Famously a friend to the Kardashians, Hadids and Biebers, Khadra will bring his fresh, youthful perspective to the online sale's ninth installment this autumn.

"My love for art is something that came into my life at an early age," Khadra said in a statement. "Having travelled and lived in different countries, I've been exposed to a multitude of artists, genres, mediums, you name it: from Islamic art to traditional Western art and finally contemporary art, which, for me, encompasses all the universes into one."

With a degree in architecture, Khadra builds upon his own love for art and design by incorporating it with music and fashion. He's created stage designs for musicians like Drake, Syd, Summer Walker and Buddy, as well as collaborated with fashion houses like Dior, Alexander Wang, Moncler and Louis Vuitton. Not to mention that Khadra dabbles in music himself, even being featured on projects by Blood Orange.

Khadra hopes this auction can help him open the door to a new and younger audience for whom, he feels, the art world can often inadvertently exclude. He urges them to look at the work through his eyes, and credits artists like Warhol, Bill Viola and Ed Ruscha for changing the way people view art with a free-spirited, playful and provocative nature.

"I have always admired artworks and artists that challenge boundaries or provoke strong feelings," Khadra said. "Artists that push me to reconsider the world it reflects or engages with, and I hope these pieces will similarly speak to all those who stand in front of them."

Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait in Drag, 1981.

Amidst the pandemic — and since 1744 — the historical, global art business that is Sotheby's has curated and auctioned the world's most exceptional works of art. Part of their efforts is the "Contemporary Curated" show, an online sale of artworks from emerging artists and some of the most established artists across over seven decades.

Since the first lockdown in March, Sotheby's has exceeded $400 million in sales from over 280 online auctions this year alone.

Open for bidding through November 24 on sothebys.com, "Contemporary Curated" features more than 145 works.

Photos courtesy of Sotheby's