Julia Fox Has Entered the Harry Styles Rumor Arena

Julia Fox Has Entered the Harry Styles Rumor Arena

It's all happening for Emrata... according to Julia Fox!

The garbage bag dress innovator weighed in on "rumors" that Emily Ratajkowski kissed Harry Styles in a parking lot for some reason. After Page Sixposted the news to Instagram, Fox commented, "That's my girl!" Perhaps she meant the parked mini-van they were posted up next to.

The world famous blouse entrepreneur and professional Eric André tormentor have been mum on the now widely circulated photos. Of course, the possibility seemed so ludicrous to some, that they were initially believed to be the product of AI.

If true, this would be Styles' first public relationship since he and Olivia Wilde blew up the Don't Worry Darling press tour in 2022. The pair later broke up in November, right around when Emrata was seen in the passionate embrace of DJ Orazio Rispo... or was it the artist Jack Greer? I don't think it matters to anyone involved.

Coincidentally, Just Jarednotes that Emrata and Wilde hung out in Paris at one of the singer's concerts back when they were together. In a TikTok video shared by @samanthasiegel, the user explained: "Me knowing that Emily Ratajkowski was at Harry's show in Paris because I sat in front of her." The caption, meanwhile, pondered if the two "must have beef now"?

Beef, at a concert? I'd rather have some chicken.


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Of course, that concert vibe sesh was just the tip of the messy iceberg. A quick snoop on Getty will show that Emrata and Wilde hung out with model Adwoa Aboah. A Deuxmoi tipster also weighed in on the meet-cute, and said "they both went to a Heavn by Marc Jacobs party in Tokyo separately. Hung out for the night, got drunk, went out on the town, made out and as you can see left respectively. Nothing more and it wasn't really planned." Meanwhile, a conflicting tip said that Olivia and Harry had rekindled conversations and "Olivia feels massively betrayed by someone she thought was a friend."

It sounds like everyone involved needs to align on the PR strategy, so let's leave them to it.

Photo via Kevin Mazur/Getty