Eric André Claims Emrata Nudes Were 'Art'

Eric André Claims Emrata Nudes Were 'Art'

If Eric Andre's nudes in Emrata apartment are art, then I'm suddenly an art enjoyer.

The Eric Andrew Show host finally broke his long standing silence on a set of nude photographs snapped by Emily Ratajkowski amid their supposed whirlwind affair. In a Rolling Stone interview published Tuesday, he said of the "iconic" moment: "I don't kiss and tell, bro! It did make headlines."

He then took a whip-it, according to the outlet.

He said that the "think pieces and the mythology are more interesting than the reality" of their relationship, and that "people think attraction is only based on physical appearance, but beauty is only skin deep." Of the snaps themselves, he added:

"Emily popped up and took that picture. I was really in the moment: I was drinking wine, she started dying laughing, and she was like, “I have to take a picture of this.” She took the picture, we both started cracking up, and she was like, “This is iconic” — she kept saying “iconic.” We both agreed this was a beautiful image that we had to share with the world."

Just in case it wasn't clear from the interview itself, Emrata thought the photos were "iconic."

André also told Rolling Stone that "there wasn't much thought behind it. It was one of those things. And I think that's what art is about. Art is not intellectual; it's primal." According to André, true art "has to speak to your hormones as much as it speaks to your mind. The beauty of that was the spontaneity. Spontaneity and capturing happy accidents are what art is all about."

As for whether or not he and Emrata actually dated: "I don’t think I’ve ever dated a woman who knew who the fuck I was before."

Elsewhere, André touched on the paparazzi fanaticism about Emrata's love life. "I feel concerned for her safety and the safety of others at her level who deal with that. She has a kid. It’s not safe. And it’s hard to complain about it because most people are like, 'Fuck you, it must be nice!'”

Of course, André and Emrata have since moved on. In February, she posted a clip of herself on TikTok that asked what one should do "when a situationship ends?" Later in the month, she was seen out and about in NYC with former flame DJ Orazio Rispo.

Photo via Amy Price/Getty.