Edie Parker Expands THC Products to NYC

Edie Parker Expands THC Products to NYC

By Joan SummersFeb 09, 2024

Are you smoking Edie Parker Flower yet?

Cult accessories brand Edie Parker continues to innovate with a new line of THC products that pair perfectly with their accessories, ones that already push the boundaries of what a THC product can be. The Burn Bag collection in particular has gone quite viral, what with being a purse that has a discreet lighter and all.

To coincide with the Edie Parker Flower’s NYC launch — just in time for New York fashion Week — we sat down with founder and creative director Brett Heyman to chat about the whimsy of decorative jello table lighters and his approach to designing contemporary THC products. I mean, a purse that has a retractable lighter holder built in? Oh, what a fabulous world!

Edie Parker has been a cult accessories favorite for stylists, due to the bold aesthetic direction of your clutches and bags. What inspired the move to weed?

Thank you! There were more obvious categories we could have expanded into — shoes, RTW — but those are extremely saturated categories and, unlike our bags and home accessories, we didn't feel we had anything original to say there. We were all excited about what was happening in the world of cannabis. As an industry, it felt new, challenging, exciting, innovative, scary, valuable and fun. We didn't think anybody in the space was speaking to women or smokers with style. Our original idea was simply to make Edie Parker smoking accessories, but after many dispensary visits we knew we had to add Flower as well.

The Burn bag in particular has gone viral quite a bit, and the Hit bag is shaped like a giant joint. What inspires your playful, tongue-in-cheek approach to accessory design?

I always say that life is serious, your accessories don't have to be. Also, if you want a bag from Edie Parker, chances are you want something bold, unexpected and irreverent. We are not the brand you come to for a black leather tote, you come to us for bold design, nostalgia or a cheeky wink.

As a stoner myself, I’m well acquainted with the hustle to stash some ugly pipes and ashtrays before a party, or a visit from my parents. How did you translate the Edie Parker design philosophy in modernizing cannabis accessories?

Our whole philosophy and brand ethos is to create cannabis accessories that are proudly displayed. The obvious analog is alcohol; we celebrate, collect and show off all the ways we imbibe. We don't think cannabis accessories should be treated any differently. They can be design-forward objects with form and function that can be used for consumption and/or as decor/storage. We craft pretty things to surprise and delight.

With more and more brands following your suit and entering into cannabis collaborations, do you think weed is finally ready for its big Fashion moment?

I hope so! At its best, fashion is representative of what is happening in culture. Cannabis is the biggest job creator in the country and generated around $40B in legal sales last year. Despite this and all the benefits — both medical and just for a good time — there is still a stigma around the plant. Mainstream collaborations in categories like fashion help remove it.

You also have a line of THC products releasing in New York. Can you tell us anything about the terpenes in the new flower, and what sorts of offerings we can expect?

We are so excited to be launching in New York. This is the sixth state we have THC products in across a variety of categories. New York dispensaries now have our all-in-one petal puffer vape with botanical terps we formulated in the following flavors: maui mango, watermelon slushie and lavender vanilla. They also have our best buds pre-rolls, a 2-pack of .5 gram pre-rolls with our printed flower crutch, and our Flower Pot eighth jars. Some of the strains we offer are blueberry haze, which is our pinene heavy sativa; gelato cake, which is an indica rich in limonene; and peanut butter breath, our caryophyllene forward hybrid strain.

Flower by Edie Parker can be found in brick-and-mortar stores by using this locator.

Photos courtesy of Edie Parker