Put These Hand Blown Glass Bongs on Display

Put These Hand Blown Glass Bongs on Display

by Kenna McCafferty

You’ve likely heard of Edie Parker, the designer behind handbags and clutches frequently worn on celebrity red carpets throughout the past decade. But what about Weedie Parker, the “colorful collectible” line of cannabis paraphernalia sold under the luxury lifestyle and accessory brand, Flower by Edie Parker?

The lesser-known, chiller sibling to the Edie Parker handbag brand, Flower by Edie Parker focuses on luxury flowers and accessories (and we don’t mean bouquets and vases) with their line of weed-accoutrement, dubbed Weedie Parker.

“We sit at the intersection of fashion and flower,” says founder Brett Heyman, who launched Flower by Edie in February 2019 to offer an elevated approach to recreational smoking. “Since inception, Edie Parker has been about crafting pretty items that make people happy. We exist to surprise and delight. Flower by Edie Parker follows the same ethos.”

So before you clean out the month-old water in your go-to smoke-shop bong, allow us to introduce you to Weedie Parker’s newest collectible, created in collaboration with Paul Arnhold and now available online.

“Paul and I are old friends,” Heyman says of the partnership. “We are neighbors in Connecticut and I did the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund with his husband, Wes Gordon. I collected his work for years before approaching him to do a bong with his signature aesthetic. He hand blows each and every one, making them functional smoking accessories but also works of art.”

A Red Hook, Brooklyn-based glass blower, Arnhold adds a little more spark to sparking up. With nine distinct shapes, sizes and colors for each bong, their collection together doubles as a body of artwork for display. “Mine sits proudly in my living room as the most subversive and beautiful vase I own,” Heyman says.

Whether in “Acid Trip” yellow or “Nebula Blue,” these bongs could make themselves at home on a mantel, or serve as a party center-piece to really bring your guests closer together. Priced at $796 the different styles are available on the brand’s site, which also hosts pipes, papers, grinders, vapes and more.

The brand believes in cannabis that is “For a Good Time,” as Heyman notes. “There is no shame around the plant. Smoking accessories are treated with the same irreverence and boldness that our handbags and home accessories are. They are bright, they are meant to be displayed, gifted, shown off.”

Photos courtesy of Edie Parker