Dwayne Johnson Wants to Right His Wrongs

Dwayne Johnson Wants to Right His Wrongs

Do you ever get a pang of guilt over something you did as a child? Maybe it was bullying a classmate or cheating on a test. Don't worry, it's totally human and it happens to everyone, even WWE icon and movie superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

In a heartwarming Instagram video, Johnson took some time out of his busy schedule to make amends with everyone's favorite convenience store, 7-Eleven.

Johnson explained that he would stop by the same 7-Eleven every day when he was 14 years old and steal a king-sized Snickers bar, joking that it was his "pre-workout." He also noted that "The same clerk was there every day and always just turned her head," making it possible that she was aware of Johnson's not-so-sneaky snack cravings.

Johnson and his family were evicted from Hawaii in 1987, cutting his possible redemption short. Over thirty years later, he finally got that chance.

Johnson rolled up to the same 7-Eleven and placed every Snickers bar in a brown paper bag, plopping them on the counter for the comically bewildered store clerk, BK, to scan. The WWE star instructed the employees to give a free Snickers to anyone that wants it, paying it forward after being sustained by the chocolatey goodness for a year. He also paid for the groceries of everyone else in the store, adding up to almost $300. Don't worry, Johnson also gave the employees a healthy tip for putting up with scanning a lot of candy bars.

This brings a whole new meaning to the Snickers campaign slogan, "You're not you when you're hungry."

Photo courtesy of Virisa Yong/BFA