Drake Does Everything Right in 'Nice For What'

Drake Does Everything Right in 'Nice For What'

Champagne Papi has always been a ladies' man. But with his new single "Nice For What," he proves that he's here for all the powerful women hustling out there.

With a killer beat, an early 2000's R&B feel à la Lauryn Hill's melody, and a star-studded music video that includes Yara Shahidi proudly sporting a Harvard sweatshirt, Issa Rae commanding a conference room filled with old white men in suits, Tracee Ellis Ross slaying in a sequin jumpsuit, and Letitia Wright busting some moves—Drake just gave us everything we never thought we needed.

Unlike most hits across genres that tend to meaninglessly objectify and sexualize women, the track has the artist singing to a more feminist tune. He acknowledges that the female struggle is too real, and that life is too short to conform to the goddamn patriarchy. The latter half of the second verse goes:

"Work at 8 A.M., finish 'round five
Hoes talk down, you don't see 'em outside
Yeah, they don't really be the same offline
You know dark days, you know hard times
Doin' overtime for the last month
Saturday, call the girls, get 'em gassed up
Gotta hit the club, gotta make that ass jump
Gotta hit the club like you hit them mothafuckin' angles
With your phone out, snappin' like you Fabo
And you showin' off, but it's alright
And you showin' off, but it's alright
It's a short life

The Internet and the music industry are shookt, and everyone is praising Drake—as well as the video's 22-year-old female director Karena Evans—for making all the phenomenal women in this world feel seen.

We low-key want to cry because of how beautiful "Nice For What" is, so you should definitely watch the video below.

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