Doja Cat Helped Bring Back Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza

Doja Cat Helped Bring Back Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza

by Hedy Phillips

If you’ve been lamenting Taco Bell’s removal of the Mexican Pizza from the menu for the past two years, your prayers have finally been answered. Taco Bell is officially bringing the popular menu item back on May 19, and Doja Cat shared the big news during her Coachella set Sunday night.

As one of the staunch supporters of the Mexican Pizza — and one of the artist’s behind Taco Bell commercials — Doja Cat hasn’t been quiet about her love of the meal and her disappointment at it no longer being available. She’s been asking the Bell to bring it back for ages, along with several other people who couldn’t figure out why it left the menu in the first place. Doja even made a TikTok song about her love of the Mexican Pizza just last month.

The Mexican Pizza was a casualty of COVID and came off the Taco Bell menu in 2020. Many restaurants were shaving down their menus as a result of slowed business while people were stuck in their homes, ditching popular items as a way to save money and streamline their processes. Taco Bell said the packaging of the Mexican Pizza was a large factor in its removal, actually, and resulted in about 7 million pounds usage of paperboard annually in the United States.

Fans of the dish were so mad about its removal that a petition was even started to try and convince Taco Bell to change its mind. It was launched in September 2020, just ahead of the Mexican Pizza’s discontinuation, and gathered 170,000+ signatures from disappointed hungry people. Fortunately, it was enough to show Taco Bell how beloved the Mexican Pizza truly is.

If you’re a member of Taco Bell rewards, you can snatch the coveted Mexican Pizza on May 17, two days earlier than its official release of May 19. The good news is, as of right now, Taco Bell has no plans of taking it back off the menu. Sounds like they heard our — and Doja Cat’s — plea and actually listened.

Photo via Getty/ Kevin Winter