The Internet Thinks 'Do Revenge' Is the Best Thing Since 'Mean Girls'

The Internet Thinks 'Do Revenge' Is the Best Thing Since 'Mean Girls'

by Justine Fisher

The Internet is calling on girls, gays and the rest of the Mean Girls fandom to watch Netflix’s latest take on high school, Do Revenge.

After its September 16 release, the teen comedy starring Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes is now the top movie on Netflix. The streaming numbers are matched by Twitter’s overwhelmingly positive reaction.

Even more telling than any rating, Do Revenge received one of the highest honors on the Internet: being compared to Mean Girls. The Netflix original tracks the journey of two girls on opposite ends of the high school popularity spectrum, the two seek revenge on their respective enemies. Twitter users pointed out striking similarities between Do Revenge and the iconic coming-of-age film.

Then, some went so far as to claim that Do Revenge surpassed Mean Girls because it takes on a more inclusive and feminist perspective than its predecessor. Though Janis famously called Damian “too gay to function” in Mean Girls, Maya Hawke’s character in Do Revenge, Eleanor, offers substantive queer representation. One Twitter user called the film “Mean Girls for gay people.”

Though the comparisons to Mean Girls dominated Twitter today, the Internet was also quick to find references to other famous teen movies embedded by director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. With costumes that rival Clueless and a plot twist reminiscent of Heathers, Do Revenge is poised to define the 2020s.

Photo courtesy of Kim Simms/Netflix