Dirty Pineapple's Novelty Born From Collision

Dirty Pineapple's Novelty Born From Collision

Illustrating the concept of duality in a single runway show is not an easy feat, with cohesiveness playing a determining role in a creative assessment. However, there are certain instances where bringing together two seemingly opposite aesthetics can work harmoniously, and illuminate the multifaceted nature of the imagination. Dirty Pineapple, the Shanghai-based design collective founded by Elsa Zai and Nellie Wang in 2017, fused casual streetwear and high fashion in their latest collection, and the result was exactly what they had intended — novelty born from collision.

Photos via IMAXtree

Part of the brand's allure stems from their genderless collections and their allegiance to forward thinking realized through advocacy for equality. However, Dirty Pineapple's runway styling is what conveys their out-of-the-box thought process. As models walked down the runway, it became evident that the designers paid no mind to uniformity — oversized crew neck t-shirts were paired with '50s hosiery and pointed-toe pumps, while white patterned blazers were styled with clunky black sneakers — and yet somehow the entire collection felt orderly.

The designers' vintage flair viewed through a modern lens feels like a contemporary twist on a classic staple. Referencing different cultures within a single collection, Dirty Pineapple added a level of innovation that's much needed in the current fashion landscape. According to the brand, "By exploring essential human characteristics, Dirty Pineapple built a collection based on duality and the idea that novelty is often born from collision."

Photographer and model Diego Villarreal went backstage with Dirty Pineapple during their fall RTW 19 collection, capturing some of the creative trailblazers, like PAPER cover star Jazzelle Zanaughtti, who strutted down the brand's catwalk:

Photos by Diego Villarreal

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