Diplo Wins Revenge Porn Case

Diplo Wins Revenge Porn Case

In the latest development in the ongoing series of highly publicized legal battles, Diplo has won his revenge porn case against a former girlfriend that accused him of sexual assault.

According to a new report from TMZ, an arbitrator ruled in favor of the DJ and producer, recommending that the Los Angeles Superior Court award him roughly $1.2 million in fees, damages, costs and expenses. The case stems from a temporary restraining order that Diplo's ex, Shelly Auguste, filed in November 2020 shortly after the two broke off their romantic relationship. Diplo in turn filed a restraining order against her, and both entered into a dual restraining order agreement by January 2021 which he then claimed Auguste violated.

Auguste had previously accused Diplo of coercing her into sex and distributing revenge porn in a sexual battery lawsuit that was later dismissed. Another woman, who was also accused by Diplo's attorneys of being Auguste's friend and part of a larger orchestrated "shakedown," filed a similar lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault a few weeks after.

Diplo has categorically denied all of the allegations, describing Auguste as “a stalker [who] scammed her way into my life and tried to extort me for millions and then sued me when she didn’t get what she wanted.” As a result, Diplo has filed a lawsuit against Auguste claiming that she had been harassing, stalking, trespassing and sharing nude pictures of him on social media. The lawsuit also alleged that the harassment extended to his friends and family as well. Both Diplo and Auguste's competing civil suits remain unresolved.

“We are all extremely pleased for Wes and his family," Diplo's attorney Bryan J. Freedman said in a statement following the ruling. "What happened here is simple. The arbitrator looked at all the facts. She evaluated the evidence impartially. And justice prevailed.”

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