Everyone's Wearing The Same Denim Diesel Set

Everyone's Wearing The Same Denim Diesel Set

The moving parts that make a random piece of clothing go viral are never really clear, even in celebrity circles where stylists often vie for the same look.

Which makes the pink denim Diesel moment — seen in the past month alone on Megan Fox, rappers Bia, DreamDoll and Latto and hairstylist Alonzo Arnold — all the more intriguing.

The Diesel Trompe L'oeil denim set is part of a capsule collection released with The Webster and rendered entirely in pink that launched in early September just before New York Fashion Week. It's actually based off the gray runway look that debuted in February for Fall.

Arnold led the charge when he debuted the look on his Instagram in late September. Him and everyone that followed offered their own take on the pink getup, pairing it with some form of pink or purple knee-high boot. What do they all have in common? An Instagram fit pic, of course.

Indeed, whether it's this year's Barbiecore fixation or the lingering impact of that pink Valentino collection, this Diesel set for whatever reason seems to have that IG factor the girls love: it's strechy, fitted and makes a statement (onstage and off, apparently).

While the capsule isn't available on Diesel's website anymore, there are still some pieces left on The Webster's e-shop.

Photos via Instagram and Getty