A New York Graffiti Artist Completely Transformed This Diesel Storefront

A New York Graffiti Artist Completely Transformed This Diesel Storefront

Optimo NYC is a New Yorker in every sense of the word, having grown up in neighborhood of Chelsea surrounded by colorful graffiti scribbled on everything from trucks to subway cars. The works of '90s artists like Wolf1 and Revs & Cost informed his stylistic approach to street art, where his signature American flag bandana and top hat remain a recurring motif in his oeuvre.

Those signatures once again prevail in his latest project, a brand new window installation done in collaboration Diesel for its SoHo outpost. The denim brand tapped Optimo after the graffiti artist created a jeans mural earlier this year on the window's storefront, which had been boarded up during the riots in May.

"If jeans could talk, this pair could write a saga," Optimo wrote on his Instagram. "For those who know me & seen me with this pair on, know WE been through some wild nights together. I wore these @diesel jeans for just about a year straight, climbed many fences, painted many walls, went to many parties…I can go on & on, I know how to put the beats on a good pair of jeans."

The display, which runs through October 31, consists of two windows: one with a painting of a pair of Diesel jeans layered with photographs of Optimo's life while in the brand's denim, and the other window depicting Optimo's aforementioned top hat and flag bandana-wearing persona. Inside, the store displays feature four pairs of men's and women's denim hand-painted by the artist.

Fans, customers and art enthusiasts can visit the installations now at 135 Spring Street. See below for a peek at Optimo NYC bringing the project to life.

Photos courtesy of Diesel