Demi Lovato Is Out Here Promoting a Site for Conspiracy Theorists

Demi Lovato Is Out Here Promoting a Site for Conspiracy Theorists

Demi Lovato's latest partnership is more than a little questionable.

Earlier this month, the extraterrestrial enthusiast took to Instagram to share that they were an ambassador for a platform called Gaia, writing that "understanding the world around us (the known and the unknown) is so exciting to me!" However, after a little digging, fans realized that Gaia wasn't just another social media site. Rather, it's a "media network of truth seekers and believers empowering an evolution of consciousness" concerned with "topics not found in mainstream media" — a.k.a. conspiracy theorist central.

Amid innocuous lifestyle videos on healthy eating, there's also a ton of content about everything from 9/11 to JFK to vaccines to 5G to those deeply anti-Semitic lizard people claims.

According to a Gaia press release, Lovato was drawn in by Gaia's original content, specifically their Ancient Civilizations and Deep Space series, which is comprised of pseudoscientific videos about things like our "junk DNA" linking humanity to an "ancient race of giants" and the government's "covert colonization of space."

Not only that, but the site has previously been dubbed a "hub for QAnon" and a safe haven for far-right conspiracy theorists who've been kicked off other sites.

Lovato has yet to provide further comment on Gaia, but you can see their post about it below.

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