Demi Lovato Criticized for 'Hypocritical' Festival Performance

Demi Lovato Criticized for 'Hypocritical' Festival Performance

Demi Lovato is facing backlash for their appearance at a recent music festival.

Last week, the "Dancing With the Devil" singer chided Lollapalooza attendees for crowding together amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases, writing "C'MON Y'ALL!!! THERE IS STILL A PANDEMIC HAPPENING," alongside a viral photo of the large crowd. However, they're now drawing criticism of their own after performing at another big gathering this past weekend.

On Saturday, Lovato took the stage at Sad Summer Fest to perform their remix of "Monsters" with All Time Low during their headlining set. And in honor of the moment, the artist returned to their Instagram Story to share a photo of the audience which was captioned, "Y'ALL WERE SO FUN!!! THANKS FOR HAVING ME @ALLTIMELOW!"

Given their previous commentary though, it didn't take long for people to point out that Lovato was contradicting themself, with one commenter writing, "I just find it hypocritical to call out lolla's crowd and then go and perform at another festival, even if it's just for a single performance, regardless of how smaller or bigger it is."

A second person then chimed in by calling themself "a big demi lovato fan," before questioning "how are they gonna criticize lollapalooza and attend an all time low concert less than a week later," especially since All Time Low also performed at Lollapalooza last week.

Lovato has yet to respond.

Photo via Getty / Rich Fury