'Love Is Blind' Star Deepti Vempati Responds to Nose Job Accusations

'Love Is Blind' Star Deepti Vempati Responds to Nose Job Accusations

Deepti Vempati is shutting down trollish speculation of a nose job.

During a recent TikTok Live with rumored beau Kyle Abrams, the Love Is Blindstar addressed whispers of a recent rhinoplasty with a very direct message to the gossipmongers perpetuating this disgusting rumor deeply rooted in Eurocentric beauty standards.

“You guys, this is my real nose,” Vempati said, according to a new report from Us Weekly. "Stop making fun of it." The reality star then went on to add that "this is how I was born" and that she was "not changing it."

That said, the Love Is Blind breakout star also had her season two co-star come to her defense with a comment about how he was actually the one in need of "a nose job," seeing as how he was previously "in a car accident." And though she couldn't help but smile at the joke, Vempati quickly returned to the topic at hand by telling the haters to "get over it," especially seeing as how "it's my fucking face."

After Vempati was done talking, Abrams — who proclaimed himself her "biggest fan" — pretended to press her "squishy nose" in the camera, which seemed to lighten the mood. And things only went up from there when other fans began flooding the comments with praise, support and plenty of compliments. So needless to say, Vempati couldn't help but end things on a positive note by thanking her fans and telling them the love was mutual.

"I do have to say that everyone on here is so nice," she said. "Anytime anyone says anything negative, they come for them and I love you all."

Read Us Weekly's full report here.

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