DeathbyRomy Throws a Twisted House Party for 'Day I Die'

DeathbyRomy Throws a Twisted House Party for 'Day I Die'

Never afraid to dabble with darkness, DeathbyRomy descends six feet under (and then some) for her new single, "Day I Die," out today with an equally twisted music video.

Her track is all about the impossible grip of sick obsession, and plays with ideas of fatality and religion by opening with the confident declaration: "Love is God for the freaks," before DeathbyRomy (born Romy Flores) later taunts, "We don't pray on our knees."

The "alt-pop agitator" brings together a collision of sounds for "Day I Die," which builds off chilled-out industrial production before the floor falls from beneath DeathbyRomy's hook with bone-chilling screams and pummeling metal guitars. That second chorus is the ultimate climax.

Photo courtesy of Ella Flores

"This song is about my relationship with life, death and love," DeathbyRomy tells PAPER. "'Day I Die' at its core is a love song. Love isn't soft and mushy to me, it's hard as fuck. Love is god. It's vibrant and addicting. Love is what fuels me to do all I do."

A twisted house party sets the stage for DeathbyRomy's Pix3lface-directed "Day I Die" music video. Tarantulas, snakes, bonfires and graffiti-covered walls (in a room that looks like it was abandoned at the side of a highway) all bring to life the artist's self-declared "love song." It's pure chaos, but isn't love the exact same?

"Day I Die" follows previously released singles "Fiending for a Lover" and "Kiss Me Goodbye," as well as her breakout 2019 EP, Love u — to Death, off Capital Records.

Watch the PAPER premiere of DeathbyRomy's "Day I Die" video, above, and see the artist perform live on September 15th in Los Angeles at The Roxy and on October 7th in Brooklyn at Baby's Alright.

Photo courtesy of Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich