DeathbyRomy Goes Full Femme Fatale on 'I Kill Everything'

DeathbyRomy Goes Full Femme Fatale on 'I Kill Everything'

As Gen Z's purveyor of dark pop, DeathbyRomy has never been afraid to embrace the spookier side of life. Whether she's throwing a twisted house party or unleashing her inner werewolf, the artist has been known to spill her fair share of blood every now and then, putting her own alt-glam spin on classic horror tropes. Her latest offering is no different.

Finally fully independent and in control of her release schedule, DeathbyRomy joins forces with artist and producer, AWAY, for her latest single "I Kill Everything." Inspired by a photograph of two girls at a GG Allin concert wearing shirts that read "I kill everything I fuck," the Nine Inch Nails-esque tune turns the phrase into a snarling rallying cry with churning throngs of electric guitars, industrial sludge and a bit of hip-hop thrown into the mix.

The new single arrives alongside a music video directed by DeathbyRomy and her manager, Ally Duesbury that takes the song's refrain in a more literal direction. Based loosely on the mythical demon of the succubus, the video sees DeathbyRomy cast as a femme fatale seducing her way from one target to the next, only for them to end up meeting a bloody end. The terror culminates in an all-out bar brawl, filmed at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood. A queer psychosexual hedonistic slasher flick, the music video is a mix of campy horror and high fashion styling that feels like Alice Cooper walking the runway at an Alexander McQueen show.

Check out the PAPER premiere of DeathbyRomy and AWAY's official music video for "I Kill Everything" below.

Photos courtesy of Maytal Etehad