Ellise Is 'Letting The Wolf In'

Ellise Is 'Letting The Wolf In'

Keeping the spooky season tradition alive, dark pop artist, Ellise, is gearing up for her third and largest Halloween-themed album, Letting The Wolf In.

The follow-up to her debut album, Chaotic, which dropped earlier this year, Ellise is back with eight dark and spooky new tracks to set the mood for the holiday season. Drawing inspiration from the pages of Grimms' Fairy Tales, Ellise filters the romantic, forlorn vibes of the album through the macabre allegories contained within the classic. Ellise uses "Little Red Riding Hood" to explore the nature of toxic relationships or the sweet relief of sleep bestowed by the "Sandman" as being the answer that life seemingly might never get better.

"Anyone who listens to my music and is a fan of my work, they know that no matter what music I'm putting out throughout the year, they can expect something is coming at the end of the year for Halloween," Ellise says.

"Growing up, I loved reading and loved storybooks. Reading has shaped my songwriting and my music in general, as I try to incorporate a storybook motif in everything that I do. I wanted to write each song on Letting The Wolf In so that the whole record would read as a fictional book — less in your face and more secretive and metaphorical, how you would read a book of fairytales."

Letting the Wolf In by Elise is out October 15 (via Hell Bent Heaven Sent/ EMPIRE). Watch the album trailer, below.

Photography: Nas Nixx and Marc Heller