Danielle Guizio On Her Streetwear Collection With FDNY

Danielle Guizio On Her Streetwear Collection With FDNY

As we know from intrepid trendspotting, Taylor Swift and Balenciaga are on the same team. Right on trend with tourist-chic, a Thing That Is Happening (TM), in which people intentionally schlep around new cities looking like they are from someplace else but making it fashion, is the new collection from streetwear designer Danielle Guizio.

The New York artist unveiled her latest limited run capsule collection earlier this NYFW, and it takes tourism chic to humanitarian and community-focused new heights. In collaboration with the New York Fire Department, Guizio has updated familiar-looking FDNY merch, to create a collection all her own, playing smartly with pattern, proportion, and material to give the line a youthful, high-end vibe.

And of course, to be evermore on trend, Guizio incorporates reflective fabrics and of-the-moment colors like slime green. The unisex collection features a range of products from sweatshirts and joggers to beanies and jackets. A portion of proceeds from the collection will go to benefit the FDNY Foundation.

PAPER chats with Guizio about the collection, and how the FDNY collaboration came about. The Danielle Guizio x FDNY capsule collection is currently available for pre-order here, you can also see a selection of some looks below.

Why did you feel the FDNY collaboration was a good focus for your new collection?

My brand is based out of New York City so ultimately going into this, I wanted to tap into those roots. I wanted to collaborate with a brand that had a meaningful connection to myself and all that makes up my brand. FDNY was the first to come to mind. They are what New York City stands for — their bravery and dedication are unparalleled. Their job is to keep New York safe; you can't help but to be prideful of that.

What did you enjoy most about working with the FDNY?

It was a pleasure working and collaborating with the FDNY. They were very open to hearing all my design ideas and contributed great ideas of their own. I became really inspired by their sense of community. From the firefighters and first responders to the staff, their sense of unity, not only as an organization but as a brand, is prevalent in every aspect of their work.

When it came to designing the collection, how did your perspective factor in?

I've always been inspired by the FDNY's uniforms and firetrucks. From their logos to their core colors, FDNY's branding has always remained very distinct and easily recognizable. Their logos are so iconic, it's been fun to be able to give my twist on that by using unique color ways and adding embellishments, such as leopard and rhinestones.

What do you feel fashion can do to honor people who commit acts of selfless community service, such as the work of firefighters and first responders? Is there an intersection in your mind?

There is definitely an intersection between the two. Fashion is a part of everyone's daily ritual, everyone wears clothes. The conscious decision when you're thinking about what you put on your body and the message that it portrays are ways to honor people who commit acts of selfless community service. The clothes we put on our bodies are walking advertisements. I'm very excited to be able to give back to the firefighters and first responders who do so much for our community — especially in a way that speaks to my design aesthetic and infuses both of those concepts together as one.

Photography: Micaiah Carter