Christine and the Queens Knows the Feeling

Christine and the Queens Knows the Feeling

The seasonal depression has been hitting just a little harder lately. Distant memories of the sun seem to fade away more and more with each passing gray day, and thanks to global warming there's barely even an occasional flurry of snow to break up the monotony. There may not be a clear end in sight, but we can at least take solace in brand new Christine and the Queens.

In her first solo work since 2018's Chris, Christine has returned with her new single "People, I've been sad." Premiering the song with a performance on COLORS, Christine's latest is potentially her most emotionally piercing track to date. Dressed in a silver and powder blue suit, Christine pours her heart out to the lone mic in a massive purple room as she laments a life that she's let pass her by.

With lyrics like "If you fall apart/Then I'm falling behind you/You know the feeling," Christine walks a line between being absolutely devastating and hopeful that things can change. "People, I've Been Sad," is sublime synth pop, channeling the likes of Robyn and Phil Collins into one sweeping chorus after the next.

Watch Christine and the Queens perform her new song "People, I've been sad," below.

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