Christian Colorado Brought Colombia to Fashion Week

Christian Colorado Brought Colombia to Fashion Week

Story by Sam Falb / Photography by Mich Cardin
Feb 13, 2024

Watchful viewers at Christian Colorado’s Fall 2024 show would be quick to note the intricate embossing on a series of leather bags.

“Everyone in Colombia has a history around these bags, and when I was a kid, they were an important part of my community,” Colorado shared. Created with Colombian legacy brand Maletas ABC, the pieces were just one of a score of visual attributions to the designer’s roots and upbringing.

Richly draped fabrics were sourced from school uniforms, and a playful sprinkling of marbles, jacks and rulers found their way into garments on display. Colorado used this season as a springboard to explore his early childhood experiences and how learnings from that period can be so foundational to one’s growth.

As a cast of nymph-like models in silver nail polish and washes of dewy blush traversed the space, renowned Colombian musician Romulo Caicedo’s “Veinte Años Menos” played — an ode to the steadfast choice between lovers to stay together over and over again in life. During a post-show interview, the designer shared the referential origins to his childhood, reflecting on his younger years and the self-love of choosing oneself time and time again.

“You are the true love of your own life. When I look back, I would always choose to love myself again at each stage because the person you are most in-touch with throughout your life is yourself,” Colorado explained.

The collection developed on Colorado’s Spring 2023 offerings, carrying through a similar color story and attention to metal hardware, while showcasing a clear upward trajectory toward more complex pieces: deconstructed blazers with scores of slits, belts affixed with a family of silver buttons and clasps, and of course, the thoughtful handiwork on leather bags.

Since its founding in 2015, Christian Colorado is proudly based in Colombia. The influence of his home country lends itself well to the commanding storytelling that follows each season, fall 2024 being the latest treat, ripe for consumption to the tune of a lover’s ballad.

Photography: Mich Cardin