Chris Habana Releases New Campaign Celebrating Queer Sex Workers of Color

Chris Habana Releases New Campaign Celebrating Queer Sex Workers of Color

For many sex workers, particularly those who belong to marginalized groups, online censorship and persecution are ever-present threats to their livelihoods. However, amidst the global lockdown, the ongoing deplatforming of queer sex workers of color has become an even more urgent problem.

So in an effort to help, Chris Habana has released a special project to celebrate and support their work.

For the past year, the jewelry designer has been focused on supporting a number of diversity-minded creative and philanthropic organizations, such as the NAACP and Transgender Law Center. That said, he's now turning the literal focus to NYC queer sex workers of color through a new photo campaign.

Photographed by Eli Wirija with makeup by Stevie Huynh, the campaign features four sex workers — Ember, Raz, Gia Love and Sammy Kim — with the goal of amplifying their voices and promoting their livelihoods.

"We proudly present a photo series featuring NYC-based queer sex workers of color, individuals we continue to celebrate," Habana said in an email statement. "The goal is to create a platform for their stories and give people an intimate perspective on the profession."

He added, "Most importantly, we are also aiming to promote their work and livelihood with details of their online payment portals for work and charitable funds they have organized for others in the community who are in need."


Photo by Eli Wirija

Find more information about the campaign, here, including how to support the featured sex workers.

Photos by Eli Wirija of Ember/ Courtesy of Chris Habana