Chloe George Sings 'There You Are' Live at the Bottom of a Pool

Chloe George Sings 'There You Are' Live at the Bottom of a Pool

Our favorite pop BFF Chloe George is reaching new depths with her latest music. Following the release of “Runaway Blue” and its upbeat euphoria, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter delivers today her version of a modern love story: the longing, emotional “There You Are,” and with it a live performance video singing at the bottom of an empty California pool.

“It's about falling in love with someone you feel like you've known before, and in that process finding pieces of yourself you hadn't realized you were missing,” George says of the track, out everywhere now. “The feeling of clarity around a new connection and my own identity. To me this song is a postcard from a moment of pure peace in my life and trust in whatever my future looks like."

These feelings manifest most clearly on the artist's bridge, a moment in the song and visual that spotlights her relatable lyrics, tied together like oddball poetry. “I get so happy I could cry, sometimes/ I could burst, like the world could never hurt me,” she sings, gushing with self-aware introspection. “And my feet keep moving like I’m never unsure/ About a feeling, or a person or the universe.”

As an artist that aims to feel it all and bring listeners along the journey toward her heart's center — a pummeling, winding path that’s oftentimes confusing and complicated, albeit beautiful — ”There You Are” is a welcome addition to George’s growing discography. She's gone from viral TikTok soundbite ("Ghost Town") to solo artist and covetable co-writer (Normani, Dua Lipa, Hayley Kiyoko), and shows no signs of letting us breathe anytime soon.

Stream "There You Are" by Chloe George, below.

Photography: Jade Sadler