This Tom of Finland Jockstrap Will Get You in the Mood

This Tom of Finland Jockstrap Will Get You in the Mood

by Dylan Kelly

After launching a luxury homewear collection of silky suit sets and comfy robes last month, Swedish design label CDLP has just returned with a more frisky line better suited for the bedroom.

In partnership with the Tom of Finland Foundation — a non-profit archive serving to preserve and promote the Finnish artist's masculinized homoerotic artwork since 1984 — CDLP's sustainable men's essentials inventory is expanding with two new products: a limited-edition jock strap and tank top.

TOM OF FINLAND, Untitled, 1961, Graphite on paper. ©️1961 Tom of Finland Foundation

CDLP's creative director Christian Larson sought inspiration directly from Tom's graphite drawings, appropriately selecting a black-and-white color palette to align with the artist's monochromatic work.

The Tank Top, made from lyocell, draws from a graphite on paper original, Untitled, created in 1986, and boasts custom "Tom 1986" embroidery detail at the hem. The Jock Strap, also crafted in lyocell, references another one of Tom's graphite on paper originals, Untitled, 1961. The year of production was omitted on this piece, however, so the custom embroidery on the waistband simply reads "Tom."

In addition to the custom detailing on both pieces, the packaging was also designed in-house specifically for each limited-edition piece. On the exterior, the Jock Strap arrives in a black cotton-covered box with an outer sleeve featuring a sensual circle cut-out where the inspired artwork appears, and the Tank Top arrives in a similar fashion except with a white lacquered sleeve. Inside, Tom's most suggestive work covers the entire interior, paying true homage to his liberating portfolio of sensuous drawings.

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Photos courtesy of CDLP