Feel Like a Domestic King in CDLP's New Homewear Line

Feel Like a Domestic King in CDLP's New Homewear Line

by Dylan Kelly

Swedish fashion label CDLP is a hub for luxury men's style essentials — and for their latest expansion, the design company debuted a collection of house-dwelling iterations, titled "CDLP HOME."

In the midst of the pandemic, the idea of "home-wear" has completely shifted to fit the multitude of roles that people take on from the comfort of their living room. Blending traditional standards of loungewear and ready-to-wear and mixing elements of both indoor and outdoor dressing, CDLP HOME offers a line of high-end comfort with directional functionality.

Constructed in Portugal, the collection itself features short and long suits in burgundy and navy blue, as well as a supreme-comfort robe in burgundy, all of which were developed in the brand's signature lyocell — a forward-thinking fabric made from the wood pulp of sustainably grown trees, that offers heightened softness.

Welcoming the collection, CDLP tapped French musician Sébastien Tellier to front the the at-home campaign, shot by Jonas Unger. Within the sartorial imagery, Tellier goes about his everyday duties in a characteristic Parisian "maison" wearing the made-for-home range — and he looks quite comfortable doing so.

"We are long time fans of Sébastien Tellier's music, creativity, and iconic dressing," said Creative Director Christian Larson. "He truly embodies the CDLP world of style, character, and joie de vivre. Jonas Unger has an innate ability to capture characteristic figures through his lens. Here, he managed to document the collection in the perfect context while profiling Mr. Tellier in a natural environment. All while making everyday mundane chores all a bit more exciting while wearing HOME."

Melding his elevated everyday with CDLP's luxury designs, Tellier opened his Parisian doors to give the design team an authentic look at his life at home. "We shot in Paris and I was happy because the shooting was my daily life in my house in Paris," Tellier told PAPER. "I like to be classy at home, but at the same time, I like to feel comfortable. And so I was excited because there is the link between the spirit of this brand and the spirit of my daily life."

The collaboration came at the perfect time — Tellier recently released his latest, made-at-home record, titled Domesticated, which, much like CDLP HOME's campaign, examines Tellier's life at home.

"It was a good album to work on because I composed the entire thing at home — very comfortable, in my room," said Tellier. "So I was watching myself live my domestic life — actually washing plates, taking care of the living room, and putting that all together. And it's another moment all about domesticated life, just like this collection."

Fusing Tellier's domesticated tracks with the collection's homebody feel, CDLP HOME's debut is nothing short of maximal, in-house comfort. Shop the collection, here.

Photos courtesy of CDLP