Cash Cash and Wrabel Join Forces on 'Mean It'

Cash Cash and Wrabel Join Forces on 'Mean It'

As anyone who's ever gotten caught up in an intense relationship knows, sometimes we forgo articulating our wants and needs in an effort protect ourselves. After all, it's inherently terrifying to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, especially with your partner, but it's also something that's essential to any healthy relationship. And this is something that Cash Cash obviously knows — at least, if their new single with PAPER favorite Wrabel is any indication.

Out today via Big Beat Records, the production trio co-wrote "Mean It" with the Kesha hitmaker, whose impassioned, heartfelt falsetto lends an ardent, stirring quality to the track right from the get-go.

But make no mistake. While it's a tender track that challenges a lover to "touch you me like you mean it," "say it like you feel it," and "hold me like you need it," "Mean It" is also coupled with an anthemic, hip-shaking hook that has some serious sing-along potential.

Instantly relatable and infectiously danceable, it's a song that wears its heart on its sleeve, while also providing an example of what we all should be doing — and the importance of that can't be understated.

Needless to say, catch us in our feelings with this on repeat all weekend long. Listen for yourself, below.

Photo courtesy of Cash Cash