Carole Baskin Sues Netflix Over the 'Tiger King' Sequel

Carole Baskin Sues Netflix Over the 'Tiger King' Sequel

Carole Baskin is now suing Netflix over the Tiger King 2.

With just a few weeks to go until the sequel'spremiere, the reality star has filed a lawsuit against both the streaming platform and the producers behind the wildly popular docuseries.TMZreported that Baskin is asking for all footage of her to be taken out of the upcoming season.

In the court filing, Baskin argues that footage featured in Netflix's recent trailer misrepresents what actually happened, as it makes it look like she's a part of the sequel as the first one was a misleading "reality show dumpster fire." Per the Big Cat Rescue founder, the footage is from her prior participation in the original show, just unused and repurposed.

Baskin is currently demanding that Netflix take her out of the sequel, as well as its promotional materials. She contends that her contract only applied to the first Tiger King series, not any subsequent projects.

For the past year, Baskin has continually maintained that original docuseries was filled with "lies" and depicted her as a villain. She was particularly "disappointed" with the show's focus on the disappearance of her first husband, Don Lewis, in one episode, which alluded to her potential participation in his alleged murder. According to her, this led to months of harassment when all she wanted to do was bring attention to Big Cat Rescue's mission.

Tiger King 2 is set to premiere on November 17. Until then, watch the trailer below.

Photo via Getty / Araya Doheny