Cardi B, Offset Criticized For Crowded Birthday Party

Cardi B, Offset Criticized For Crowded Birthday Party

Cardi B and Offset are coming under fire for apparently throwing another party amid the ongoing pandemic.

On Monday, the couple attended a large celebration in honor of what appeared to be Offset's 29th birthday. And though it's unclear whether they took any safety precautions for the event, as Vanity Fairreported, social media posts show both of them partying in a packed Atlanta nightclub sans masks.

That said, videos of the gathering quickly made their way to Twitter, where many fans called out Cardi and Offset for still deciding to throw the party despite COVID-19 cases spiking nationwide.

"Not Cardi and Offset in a crowded ass night club where NO ONE is wearing a mask," as one commenter said. "It's December like 70% of the population had a birthday during quarantine and didn't go to a fucking club.... loser behavior."

Meanwhile, others took issue with the fact that the couple have been hosting "big ass mask-less parties all year," in reference to gatherings like Cardi's October birthday bash and her "Hottieween" gathering with Megan Thee Stallion.

"Why is nobody talking about Offset throwing a huge ass party during a pandemic two months after Cardi did the same shit," another person wrote, before alluding to Cardi's recent apology for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party with 37 guests. "These people never learn jesus christ. It's because there are no repercussions for them. One apology tweet and all is back to normal."

Neither Cardi nor Offset have responded to the backlash. In the meantime though, you can see what else people are saying about the party, below.

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