All Aboard This Cardi B Cruise Hosted by DJ Khaled

All Aboard This Cardi B Cruise Hosted by DJ Khaled

Whereas it was once considered deeply tragic for a famous musician to sing for money at sea, PAPER is pleased to report that cruise performances, like Las Vegas residencies, are cool now. The ocean, formerly the refuge of washed up crooners, ageing divas, and Shaq, is about to meet Cardi B. Your rich grandparents are about to get their hip-hop education. And I — this one goes out to my friends the cruise publicists — would like one ticket (first class cabin), please.

Yes! Cardi B is performing on a cruise this summer, accompanied by Post Malone. DJ Khaled, with whom she has an upcoming musical collaboration, will host, obviously. Cardi B announced her participation with this fun animated video, in which DJ Khaled demonstrates his skywriting skills and she enjoys a cocktail:

Tickets for the "Days of Summer" cruise start at a mere $1,062.50 per person — for a private double suite, they're $3,500 per person and up. The price sounds worth it, frankly! Storied vessel the Carnival Victory sets sail from Miami in late June for four days of cruising around the Bahamas, stopping off at two TBA island locations. On-board amenities include a spa, casino, restaurants, bars, and the opportunity to say you once went on a Cardi B-themed cruise when asked about your hobbies during job interviews.

Even though the ship inexplicably has its own Build-a-Bear workshop (it costs extra), Kulture and Asahd sadly won't be on board — the cruise is strictly adults only. More information can be found here.

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