Cardi B's Stripper Pole Makes a Cameo in City Girls' Wild 'Twerk' Video

Cardi B's Stripper Pole Makes a Cameo in City Girls' Wild 'Twerk' Video

I know that's right!

Having released two albums in 2018, Quality Control signees City Girls have had quite the ride so far, and are poised for an even bigger 2019.

This is a fact that can definitely be confirmed by the release of the hotly anticipated video for their high-octane strip-club banger "Twerk," featuring the one and only Cardi B.

The Miami rap duo and the Bronx's finest have been teasing the video for a while now, posting images of them in tiger-printed catsuits and whatnot. And of course, there was the City Girls' mission to find the best twerker in the world via the #TwerkChallenge. And the video features plenty of A-level twerking to aspire to with nary a man throwing money or objectifying the women present in sight. (At least, not on camera. It is worth noting that though the lead director is a man, British artist Daps, the co-director is a woman, Sara Lacombe, so... progress!)

Without the on-set presence of a prying male gaze, all ladies involved are free to twerk on yachts, in the sand, on the street, atop cars, on each other — wherever! Former exotic dancer Cardi B's stripper pole, which appeared most recently in her "Money" video that we are still gagging over, makes a special cameo here, and it's definitely a mood. But see for yourselves!

It makes me a.) yearn for summer, b.) want to find the nearest wall to practice, and c.) round up a thong-clad twerk team of my own and go ham. Is it too late to enroll in that contest?

Photo courtesy of City Girls/Cardi B