Cardi B on Her Experience With Strip Club Discrimination

Cardi B on Her Experience With Strip Club Discrimination

Cardi B is using her personal experience to weigh in on strip club discrimination.

According to Complex, the internet's spent the past couple days discussing racial and colorist discrimination in strip clubs after podcaster and rapper Joe Budden kickstarted the conversation with a social media post accusing New York clubs of "not hiring Black women" and "purposely hiring the SAME exact girl."

"Your promoter having a type is gonna lose y'all money this Summer," he wrote before adding, "this is disgusting (not the girls, the optics)."

Given that the "WAP" rapper used to be a stripper, it didn't take long for people to loop her into the conversation, especially since Cardi has previously addressed the discrimination that occurs in the strip club world, both directly IRL and in interviews.

Most recently, Cardi spoke about the issue during her appearance on David Letterman's My Next Guest, where she recalled not being allowed to work Latin Nights at certain clubs for not looking "Spanish enough," per the publication. That said, one person reacting to Budden's comments apparently didn't watch the interview, as they took to Twitter to question why anyone would be surprised by this "when the kim k's and cardi b's are being pushed as the standard for desirability amongst men in the media."

In response, Cardi repeated the story she told on Letterman's show. She then went on to say one of the reasons why she supposedly "didn't look Spanish enough" was because she of her braids, before adding in a reply to another fan that "people only listen to the shit I say when it's convenient for their narrative."

Over on Instagram though, Cardi ended up finding support in comments from fellow rapper and former stripper K Goddess, who asked whether people forgot how "Cardi use to look / talk? Especially when Tatted as well," according to a screenshot captured by Complex of their interaction.

"They put her in the 'Blacc' category with us! Cus someone level up don't forget where they came from SHES definitely tellin the truth," K Goddess said. "[And] this happens ALOT in the strip clubs especially in NYC."

Cardi then continued the conversation by adding that "you can be fresh off the boat [but] if you don't fit in the 'Hispanic box' that these club promoters think is desirable you can't work certain night or have certain job positions."

"It's beyond braids as well( I should a worded that correctly)," she said, before concluding, "It's crazy how people on the internet will try to tell you about your own experiences even if it's coming from 2 people who worked at these clubs !!"

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