Cameron Diaz Comes Out of Retirement to Save Us All

Cameron Diaz Comes Out of Retirement to Save Us All

by Bailey Richards

Lights, Cameron, action. Eight years after her last film (Annie) was released and four years after formally announcing her retirement from acting, Cameron Diaz’s self-care era is over — she’s back.

After giving us masterpieces like The Mask, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Holiday and Charlie’s Angels — not to mention the entire Shrek franchise — Diaz took a well-deserved break from Hollywood, but she’s back in action for... Back in Action.

Diaz will be starring in the fittingly named action-comedy alongside Annie costar Jamie Foxx, who announced the news by posting a snippet of a phone call between himself, Diaz and un-retiring expert Tom Brady:

And while it’s great to have the 2000s rom-com queen back, we can’t help but wonder why she decided to return for a... Netflix film? Don’t get us wrong, Netflix has been dominating the TV world — it’s nearly impossible to exist on the internet without encountering Stranger Things content — but its movies, especially its action-comedies, have historically been meh at best.

While Shrek 5 would have been the ideal comeback film, our fingers are crossed for at least a hint of romance in this action-comedy. With both Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts returning to their rom-com roots this year in The Lost City and Ticket to Paradise, if Diaz does the same, it may be a sign that nature is truly healing.

Photo via Getty/ Stuart C. Wilson