The Most Extravagant Bulgari Collection Yet

The Most Extravagant Bulgari Collection Yet

The Baroque movement had some of its earliest roots in Rome, where historic landmarks such as St. Peter's Basilica and Church of the Gesú stand tall to this day as visual artifacts from the lavish era. It also the place where Bulgari is based, as well as the inspiration for their new high jewelry collection, Barocko.

Referencing the drama and grandeur associated with Baroque architecture, Bulgari played with bold and extravagant elements using rare gemstones crafted in the jeweler's workshops in the Italian capital. The collection is comprised of three categories including Light, Color and Wonder, all of which capture the maximalist mood of the period.

"The thing I really loved about creating this collection is that Barocko is perfectly imperfect in shape, wonderfully rich in color as we are, then we add a touch of rock for the style, because Bvlgari is also rock," the brand's creative director Lucia Silvestri tells PAPER.

"Thanks to our expert craftsmanship," she continues, "the shape and volume of the collection ensure Bvlgari's aesthetic vision, creating a unique collection in both design and quality with unique stones and color combinations that recall the magnificence of Rome and Bulgari."

Standouts include the geometric "Emerald Star" necklace inspired by the ceiling of the Sant'Ivo alla Sapi- enza church, a "Le Croci" cross pendant with pink gold, diamond and ruby chain, and a "Blue Fantasy" platinum necklace with a 47,57 carat central sapphire sourced from Sri Lanka.

The luxury house also commissioned artworks from Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal to reinterpret the Barocko range using Plato's Allegory of the Cave as a starting point, which you can see below.

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Photos courtesy of Bulgari