BTS Fans Eviscerate Tucker Carlson After White House Visit Criticism

BTS Fans Eviscerate Tucker Carlson After White House Visit Criticism

BTS fans are coming for conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.

From viral attempts to sabotage Trump's rallies to regular online takedowns of right-wing rhetoric, anyone who's ever scrolled through Twitter is likely aware of the immense power held by K-pop stans. However, it seems as if Carlson missed the memo, seeing as how he made the incredibly poor decision to include BTS in his criticism the current administration — and ARMY's not happy.

Earlier this week, the global superstars visited the White House to meet with the president and discuss the importance of Asian representation and the spike in anti-Asian discrimination stemming from the coronavirus. But rather than see it for the productive and pertinent conversation it was, Carlson used it as a way to attack Biden and accused him of using BTS to do some damage control.

“Things have gotten very bad for Joe Biden, both public-facing and internally. What are they doing about it? Well, they broke glass in case of emergency and invited a Korean pop group to speak at the White House today,” the Tucker Carlson Tonight host said while making some unsubstantiated and strangely hypocritical claims about the how "white supremacy" was running amok within the Biden "Nut House."

Digging himself even deeper, Carlson then went on to allude that getting "a Korean pop group to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States" was a shallow and pointless PR stunt that was effectively "degrading" to America. So what did ARMY do? Exactly what you'd expect them to, a.k.a. flood his Twitter mentions

"he doesn't know the force he just awoke," as one amused commentator wrote before another person urged ARMY to "give him hell."

Meanwhile, several more joked that "watching the BTS fandom dunk on Tucker Carlson" was a fitting "opener to Pride month" they didn't know they needed, with an observer wryly adding that they couldn't believe ARMY was "going to kill tucker carlson on the first day of pride."

"what a time to be alive," they added.

And elsewhere, even more Twitter users — some of whom admitted to not even being familiar with BTS' music — pledged their allegiance to the group "if BTS fans take down Tucker," saying if they ended his career there was "literally no way I couldn’t stan." Welcome to the club, y'all.

See what else BTS fans and supporters are saying about the situation below.

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