BTS Says Restrictive Ideas of Masculinity an 'Outdated Concept'

BTS Says Restrictive Ideas of Masculinity an 'Outdated Concept'

BTS is skewering the narrow definition of what it means to be "masculine."

On Thursday, Rolling Stone published a far-reaching interview with the global superstars about everything from more potential English-language music and the sadness they felt over not being able to tour last year. That said, the group also made some important points about how traditional, old-school portrayals of masculinity can be restrictive, before adding that they hope their art and style help chip away at these norms.

"The labels of what being masculine is, is an outdated concept," as RM explained. "It is not our intention to break it down. But if we are making a positive impact, we are very thankful."

He added, "We live in an age where we shouldn't have those labels or have those restrictions."

Not only that, but Suga went on to answer a question in regards to whether they'd be worried about fan reactions to the members' romantic lives — and his answer? Well, in this potential scenario, he made it clear that BTS appreciates and has faith in ARMY's diverse perspective.

"The ARMY is a diverse group. In this hypothetical situation, some may accept it, some may not," he said. "Whether it's dating, or something else, they're all individuals, and they will understand things differently."

Read Rolling Stone's entire interview with BTS, here.

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