Sam Asghari Shuts Down Britney Spears 'Meltdown' Rumors

Sam Asghari Shuts Down Britney Spears 'Meltdown' Rumors

Britney Spears' husband says the pop icon is doing just fine.

This past Friday, TMZ said the 41-year-old star was dining inside Joey restaurant in Woodland Hills, California, where witnesses claimed she began to act "manic" and speaking "gibberish" when someone attempt to film her. And while the accompanying footage only shows Spears hiding her face with a menu, the outlet still decided to run with the so-called "meltdown" narrative, before saying the witness then saw her partner, Sam Asghari, become "visibly upset" and "storm out the door."

Given the context of her conservatorship, this initial report was bad enough to begin with. That said, TMZ went on to further fuel gross speculation surrounding her mental health by calling Spears' subsequent Instagram response another instance of "bizarre behavior," mostly due to her heavy (and quite understandable) use of the middle finger.

So naturally, the 28-year-old actor decided to clear things up by defending his wife in an Instagram Story from Saturday, where he said, "Don’t believe what you read online people.” Not only that, but Asghari also later refuted the rumors to TMZ himself, saying that he only left to grab something from the car before explaining that Spears wasn't displaying any "manic behavior," but was merely "frustrated" at the invasion of privacy.

Additionally, Asghari's statements were corroborated by a server at Joey, who told Page Sixthat "the disruptor wasn’t Britney — it was the diner who taunted her by taking a video without consent." They also went on to add that she was "understandably upset" by the fan's actions and confirmed that her husband "did not storm out" when he went to go "get their car." So unfortunately, it seems as if we have to repeat it once again: Leave Britney alone.

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