Bree Runway Sold Baby Shoes to Adele

Bree Runway Sold Baby Shoes to Adele

Bree Runway had Adele’s kids runway ready.

In an episode of The FADER Interview, the rapper detailed her rise from sales associate to superstar. During her journey to superstardom, she brushed shoulders with Adele.

While working at an undisclosed children’s shoe brand, Bree dreamed of working at Christian Louboutin instead.

“I changed my whole swag,” she said. “Started dressing like I work at Christian Louboutin, packaging the shoes like I work at Louboutin and I started getting VIP clients.”

A testament to dressing for success, Bree became the go-to girl for celebrity children’s shoe shoppers. So when Adele walked through the door, she was all over it.

“I literally blacked out,” Bree remembers. “I didn’t recognize her until she turned her face a certain way, and, ‘Oh my God, it’s Adele.’”

However cool she may sound in her music, the rapper could not keep her cool, and recalled fumbling for what to say to the 15-Grammy-Award-winning singer.

“I was just packaging the shoes, like, ‘I can’t breathe. It’s Adele.’ It was just me and her on the shop floor,” Bree Runway recalled. “I was like, [whispering] ‘Don’t say anything, it’s Adele, oh my God. Would you like a receipt? I mean, [loudly] would you like a receipt? [whispering] Did I say that out loud? Oh my God, it’s Adele.’ She was like, ‘Yes, love, I’m Adele. Can I have my shoes, please?’”

While Bree might’ve lost her cool with Adele (and who wouldn’t), she did put her charm to the test, eventually landing at Louboutin as she’d always dreamed of…and then becoming an international music success.

Just last week, she released a new EP, WHOA, WHAT A BLUR!, with a track featuring another member of U.K. music royalty, Stormzy.

Photos courtesy of Bill Farrell/BFA