People Are Buying CDs Again, Thanks to Adele

People Are Buying CDs Again, Thanks to Adele

CD sales are now up for the first time in 17 years, according to a recent study. We have Adele to thank for that largely, due to the success of her latest studio album, 30.

According to MRC Data’s 2021 US Year-End Report, CD sales grew 1.1% from the year 2020, with 40.59 million albums being sold last year in comparison to 40.16 million in 2020.

Of these sales, Adele had the most measurable impact. Her album 30 sold almost 900,000 copies in the United States alone in CD format. That means the album's sales accounted for 2.15% of all CD sales last year.

Behind her, Taylor Swift’sFearless and Red re-releases also were a large part of CD album sales.

Adele’s 30 has been kicking ass to start 2022 after it was last year’s top-selling album by a large margin. To close the year, after six weeks of release, the album sold 1.463 million copies in the United States. In fact, with that massive total in 2021, the album was the biggest selling one of any calendar year since 2018 when the soundtrack for The Greatest Showman moved 1.491 million units.

Adele’s fourth studio album came out last November after she returned from a six-year hiatus following the release of her third studio album, 25. The long-awaited return LP focuses on various aspects of motherhood, fame and heartache.

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