Boy Sim Lives His Revenge Fantasy in 'Fire'

Boy Sim Lives His Revenge Fantasy in 'Fire'

Producer, singer and songwriter, Christopher Sauceda — better known online as Boy Sim — is back with his self-produced, performed and written single, "Fire." The track sees Boy Sim take a momentous step into a more commercial world, re-contextualizing '70s and '80s aesthetics for a pop flex.

Like a futuristic cowboy, Boy Sim effortlessly rides the sleek basslines and emotive guitars with smooth melodies, as he seeks revenge for his broken heart. "Fire" is not about a particular relationship, but a culmination of relationships that are defined by misguided love, betrayal and heartbreak. "Fire" is ultimately Boy Sim expelling his emotional turmoil as he expresses his desire to "set your house on fire" — his final act before he can allow himself to move on.

"'Fire' is my first step into a new sound I haven't done before," Boy Sim says. "It's a story of betrayal, and it's meant to be a really dramatic and angry breakup song. It's really super blunt — basically me being like, 'Yeah, you fucked me over, so I'm just gonna burn your place to the fucking ground.'"

"Fire" is Boy Sim's first single this year and is a much welcomed follow-up to his genre-defining debut album Pink Noise, which featured notable collabs with artists like Slayyyter. With "Fire" marking a sonic shift for Boy Sim, we have our fingers crossed that a sophomore album is in the works for later this year.

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Photos courtesy of Boy Sim