Once You Go BLK...

Once You Go BLK...

BYPaper MagazineMar 01, 2021

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Below, meet three Black women — Nan Dee, Maat Petrova and Mistress Marley — who showcase the power of harnessing life experiences by turning them into practices that help bring out self-confidence and a greater understanding of others.

Nan Dee: Pole Dancing Instructor and Clothing Designer

Nan Dee, @ms.felony on Instagram, is a pole dancing instructor and clothing designer, who practices self-love through dance. She has seen the power of pole dancing in building self-confidence, and loves inspiring people to be comfortable in their own skin. Nan Dee tells PAPER and BLK how loving yourself first "helps you have a better relationship with other people, because when you love yourself you're going to love other people, and not give them a hard time."

Maat Petrova: CEO of FEMMAGIC

Maat Petrova, @maatpetrova on Instagram, is the CEO of top luxury feminine care company FEMMAGIC, where she builds off her expertise as a feminine sexual health expert and manifestation coach. Petrova embodies and preaches mindfulness, and includes this in her live manifestation classes that focus on self-love, business and abundance. Maat tells PAPER and BLK, "I don't care what people think, I just love creating the life that makes me happy."

Mistress Marley: Dominatrix and Kink Educator

Mistress Marley, @thechocolatedomme_ on Instagram, is a dominatrix and kink educator, who advocates for transparency and communication in relationships. "My passion is bringing kink education to the Black community," Mistress Marley tells PAPER and BLK. "Within our community kink is seen as taboo." Mistress Marley works to break down this stigma through education and demos. "It's a very fun job and I learn something new every day," she laughs.

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