RIP Billie Eilish's Amazing TikTok Handle

RIP Billie Eilish's Amazing TikTok Handle

Once upon a time, Billie Eilish was a burgeoning popstar with just millions (as opposed to tens of millions) of Instagram followers. Her username at the time? @wherearetheavocados. It was confusing, and it was iconic. We got to enjoy it for a couple years, and then Eilish switched over to a slightly more verifiable handle: her first and last name.

Sadly, it's happened again. Eilish popped up on TikTok late last week, stealthily joining Gen Z's favorite app under an insanely funny pseudonym: @coochiedestroyer5. Her loyal stans knew it was her, and everyone got to enjoy the joke for a couple of days — some even speculating that Eilish had picked the handle as a subtle way of coming out as queer.

Sadly, today via Instagram Stories Eilish made the formal announcement of her TikTok account, and there's not a coochie destroyer to be seen. Possibly after being pressured by TikTok admins, she's now verified under her actual name, and has acquired 4.9 million followers. We know it's the same account because it has the same first post, made using the Time Warp Scan effect.

Her second post is a recreation of an old viral video where she fitted the top half of a ukulele in her mouth. Classic Billie.

RIP @coochiedestroyer5, but we know this one's worth a follow either way. Duet with the official Billie Eilish TikTok account right here.

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